Cash for Job Leads? Try This Instead.

Wow, things are bad out there.

Apparently, according to, a guy named Jacob Share recently sent out an email offering $150 to anyone who could find him a job.  This turned into an email chain, and Share ended up landing a position as a web development manager.

On the one hand, it worked.  The guy found a job.  On the other hand, it probably feels a little undignified for some people, and you may be able to achieve the same thing without spending your own hard-earned cash.

Most companies have some sort of employee-referral program.  Employees typically receive a set amount when they refer someone who ends up getting the job.  Usually, you have to stay in the job a certain length of time for the payout to occur—typically six months or so.  These referral bonuses usually range from $500-$1,500, which is more than you’d probably want to pay out on your own.  Companies find this worth the expense, because it’s usually cheaper than recruiting on the street, and it often leads to better hires.  Employees don’t usually recruit losers to work alongside them.

When you’re asking friends and network buddies for leads, be sure to also ask them to see if their company has an employee referral program.  Odds are that they do, and if so, your friends will be a whole lot more motivated to check the company’s internal job postings (not to mention the grapevine) for possible opportunities for you.

Your friend gets cash, you get a job—that’s win-win.

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