Does My Resume Have to Be One Page?

A reader writes:

I’ve always been told that my resume should fit on one page. I’ve tried, but I have it in a Ariel 8-point font, and it still doesn’t fit.  Is it okay if it’s two pages?  Also, do I need fancy resume paper for my printouts?

Yes, it’s fine if it’s two pages.  That it-must-be-one-page stuff is left over from the days when companies actually received paper resumes, via mail (or, later, via fax).  It’s fine to have a two-page, or even a three-page resume.  The length depends on how old you are, how far back you’re going, and what you’ve done.  A multi-page resume is much better than a resume with tiny print.  Anything smaller than a 10-point font is too small.

You don’t need fancy paper, unless for some reason you really like it.  It’s incredibly unlikely that you will ever be asked to submit your resume via mail instead of via email or online.  That means the only time you’ll need paper copies when you go on interviews, to have as a backup in case the interviewer has forgotten to bring a copy.  In that case, having a resume on regular paper is just fine.  Oh, and skip the fancy folders, please, because those go right in the recycle bin.  Save a tree.

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