Get That Resume Done Before the Super Bowl

If you’ve been putting off posting your resume on Monster or CareerBuilder, this is the week to get it done.

Both sites will be running ads during the Super Bowl on February 1.  CareerBuilder has been a regular in the Super Bowl ad race for years, and their salespeople aggressively pursue companies for contracts in the couple of weeks before and after the big game.  They see a traffic spike as a result of the ads, and they sell employers on the idea of using them when their traffic is highest.  They run some great specials during this period, and as a result, there will likely be more employers than usual who are using the site in the next few weeks.  That means that it’s a great time to post your resume, because more people will see it.

Monster hasn’t run an ad during the Super Bowl since 2004, but this year they’re jumping in as well.  If you’re posting on CareerBuilder to ride the wave, you should post on Monster too.  If people are willing to buy $3 million ads, you may as well ride their coattails and profit from the extra traffic.

Everyone else will be out there too, so be sure to refresh your resume daily for the next few weeks (more on that here).  For basic tips on how to post a resume online, check this out.

In the past, CareerBuilder ads have been humorous takes on why people should quit their jobs.  It will be interesting to see whether they take that same approach in this tough economy, when so many people are unemployed rather than employed-but-looking.  About 2.6 million people have lost their job since the last Super Bowl, and there’s just no way to make that funny.

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