Important Tip for Posting Your Resume Online: Refresh!

Here’s an apparently little-known fact about resumes:  they spoil quickly.

When you post your resume online, it’s stamped with the date you posted it.  A lot of people people post just once, and then wait for lightening to strike.  When it doesn’t, they say, “I posted my resume, but nothing happened.”

Actually, something happened:  your resume drifted quickly to the bottom the pile.  Since there are millions of resumes posted, corporate recruiters usually look only at resumes that have been posted very recently, to ensure they’re not wasting time contacting people who aren’t still looking for a job.  Along with fields like “sort within an X mile radius” and “show only bachelor’s degree candidates and up,” there’s almost an always option for recruiters to choose the age of resumes they want to see.  Many choose the “last 30 days” option when sorting resumes in databases like Monster, but some look only a week or two back.  That means you need to make sure your resume is always “fresh,” and never more than a week old.

Some sites allow you to log in and simply click “refresh resume” to do this.  When it’s that easy, I recommend doing it at least a few times a week.

Other sites make it difficult by only refreshing when you edit your resume, so you have to make a small edit each time, to fool the system into thinking you’ve made changes.  This is a pain, but the results are worth it.  Once a week is enough, but more is better.

Monday morning is generally the best day to refresh your resume.  That way, yours is newer than all of those people who posted their resume over the weekend.

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