Meet the Blow It Out Your Ass Guy

About eight years ago, I was recruiting sales managers for a major corporation.  These were good jobs with good salaries (low six figures).  We were in a mild economic downturn then, so I had an abundance of candidates.  I had one candidate who had applied a couple of times, and his resume and cover letter looked great, but he didn’t have the right experience for this particular job.  I liked the experience he did have though, so I put his resume aside to keep an eye out for opportunities that might be a better fit.

About 10 days after he’d applied, he emailed me to follow up and inquire as to whether he would be interviewed for the job.  I sent him a note back saying that we were looking for someone with X and Y experience, and that while I understood from his resume that he didn’t have that type of background, I was keeping an eye out for other opportunities for him.

About 10 minutes after I clicked “send,” I received the following reply:

Blow it out your ass.

I went back and read my note again, to see if maybe I’d sounded snippy in my haste to respond-nope.  I chalked it up to job-search frustration, took him out of my “keep an eye out for other opportunities” pile, and made a note in the database.

About a year later, I saw a post on an HR forum.  It was from a corporate recruiter, and she said she had gotten the same reply to a rejection letter.  Eight or nine other people had chimed in to say that they’d gotten it as well.  We compared notes and, lo and behold, it was the same guy.  He had applied to hundreds of jobs (maybe thousands—who knows), and when he got a rejection, he sent the same one-line retort.  He became known as the Blow It Out Your Ass Guy in the HR community.

Job hunting can really make you crabby.  Try not to let it turn you into THAT guy.

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