Can Women Wear Pants to a Job Interview?

In response to an earlier post about what to wear to an interview, a reader writes:

Is it okay for women to wear pants to a job interview?

Absolutely.  I deliberately wear pants to every interview, even in the summer.  I use to weed out the weenies (it’s part of my larger weenie-avoidance strategy…because who wants to work for a weenie?).  If the boss is the sort of person who doesn’t think women should wear pants, we are not going to work well together.  I feel that it’s best to save time and eliminate those people from consideration as potential employers right off the bat.

That said, the last time I heard a hiring manager even mention the fact that a female candidate was wearing pants was, like, 1993, and he was about 107 years old then.  I’m pretty sure he’s dead now.

I do have to say, though, that we’re talking about full-length, regular two-legged pants.  I do not recommend Capri pants for an interview.  Also, you should not be wearing gaucho pants to interviews or anywhere else.  You laugh, but I recently heard of someone who showed up for an interview wearing gaucho pants, a matching jacket with brass buttons and shoulder pads the size of Montana, colored pleather pumps, and a scrunchie.

I apologize to my male readers for this entire post.  You’re probably bored, because you (hopefully) already know you have to wear pants to a job interview.  To make it up to you, tomorrow’s post will feature boobs (well, just one boob, but still).

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