5 Blogs for Recessionists

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Looking for something  to read?  One interesting thing about this recession is the resulting explosion of blogs by and for the unemployed.  Here are a few I’ve discovered:

  • Pink Slips are the New Black—if you’re stuck in Stage 2 of grieving (anger), you’ll especially like this one.  It’s always interesting, and usually entertaining as well.
  • Unemploymentality—this one is California-based, but it has contributions from writers all over the country.  The New York version is at The 405 club, so named because apparently unemployment in New York pays $405/week (which is shocking, because isn’t rent, like, $3K/month there?).  They have the best t-shirts EVER, if you still have a paycheck and can afford to buy cool t-shirts.
  • Stuff Unemployed People Like—based on the hit site Stuff White People Like, this one is funny and insightful.
  • Clara’s Great Depression Cooking videos—if you haven’t seen these, you should.  Like, now.  This 93-year-old woman shows how to make dishes her family served during the Great Depression.  While the food cooks, she talks about what life was like during the 1930s, and how her family survived.  It’s charming and uplifting and great way to gain some perspective on what we’re all going through now.

As always, thanks to Anna at ABDPBT, who started the Fighting Listlessness on Mondays trend in blogging. Anna’s blog isn’t about jobhunting; it’s about other, way more interesting things. I highly recommend it.

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