Meet the Candidate Who Sent a Condom

1241749044_b5abe84009Photo by Paul Keller

I’m sure you’ve heard the story about the candidate who sends a shoe to the hiring manager, along with a note that says something like, “I want to get my foot in the door.”  Everyone’s heard that one, and unfortunately, it’s spawned a few copycat crimes that are even wackier than the original.

I had a client some time back who was a small business owner.  At one point shortly before we met, he was contemplating hiring an HR manager, and he ran an ad on Monster.  He got about 300 responses, but one stood out.

This candidate was a recent graduate, with no real HR experience.  What he did have, though, is a condom stapled to his cover letter, which started with the line, “I can protect you from lawsuits” in a 30-point font.

The client’s favorite part was that the candidate stapled the condom right through the middle, which is not really a great way to make your whole “protection” argument.

He didn’t get the job.

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