I’m Going to Be on the Radio. Just Like Garrison Keillor. Well, Sort Of.

If you’re in Milwaukee, tune in to 89.7 WUWM (the local NPR station) on Friday morning.  I’ll be on Lake Effect, as part of their Tanked: Running on Empty series, which deals with how people are finding ways to move forward even in a tough economic climate.  Lake Effect is on at 10am CDT, and my segment will likely be on around 10:30am CDT.  It’s also on at 11:00pm CDT.

If you’re not in Milwaukee, you can listen to it streaming live here, or download here after it airs.

We taped this last Friday, and since I’ve never done anything like this before, I was a bit nervous.  I rambled a lot. I think I may have even mentioned my unfortunate love for Crocs.  I’m probably going to sound like a dork…although it’s worth it, because my Republican friends will now be forced to listen to NPR for the whole 15 minute interview.  BWAHAHAHAHA.

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