Meet the One Who Graduated High Skool

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I once took a job with a company that had some interesting HR practices.  One of these was a requirement that every new hire’s possession of a high school diploma be verified.  Every new hire had to go through this, even the ones who have been out of high school for a very long time.

This was a huge pain, because when you call a high school and say, “I need to verify that Joe Blow graduated in 1970,” they tend not to be overly eager to call you back.  This is especially true in the summer, when there’s no one there to take the call.  Also, some schools have merged or closed, and not everyone went to high school in the United States.  In fact, we had one guy whose school was in Mexico, and had since burned down.  He brought a document attesting to this.  It was in Spanish.  I got to use the little bit of Spanish I learned during my childhood in San Diego.  I felt very useful.

Anyway, one of the ways that the company got around the hassle of calling these schools was to ask candidates for a copy of their diplomas.

So this one guy brought a diploma that was printed on an inkjet printer.  It was a little crooked.  It said he had graduated from “North High Skool.”

Tip:  If you’re forging a high school diploma, spell check is your friend.

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