4 Sites to Read Instead of the News

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Laid off?  Stuck in a confined space with Joe Biden?  Awaiting your swine flu test results?  Avoiding a huge pile of work?  Clearly, you need a laugh.  Here are four sites to help:

  1. Not Hired.  If you like Tales of the Cluefree, you will love this one.  These are excerpts from actual resumes and cover letters submitted for jobs.  When you’re depressed to hear that 400 people applied for the same job you did, knowing some of them sent things like this will cheer you right up.
  2. Passive Aggressive Notes.  The first time I saw this site, I spent an hour and a half reading it, and I didn’t take a single sip of Diet Coke for fear of spewing it on the keyboard.  We’ve all worked in places where somebody leaves notes on the fridge, the coffee machine, etc.  This site shows you the best of them.  I wish I’d thought of starting a site like this.
  3. The Bloggess.  This site has nothing to do with HR or workplaces, although the author just quit her corporate HR job to be a full-time writer, which is cool (or crazy…but I think it’s cool, as long as she doesn’t end up living in her car).  This is another one where you should not take a sip before reading.
  4. Craigslist.  Did you know you can subscribe to Craigslist via RSS feed?  I found instructions here.  This is great because many Craigslists job postings (at least in my area) are deleted very soon after they’re posted, because they’re scams.  If you’re just looking the old-fashioned way, you’re missing half the fun.  Seeing the same postings pop up a few times a day also gives you a clue that they’re scams, which is a time-saver.  Aside from all that, even the legitimate postings are pretty funny.  Aside from the one about the dumpster diver, I’ve recently seen ones for porn actors (because everyone knows that Milwaukee is THE place to advertise for porn stars, right?).  If you’re job hunting, you’re probably keeping an eye on Craigslist anyway, so subscribing to the feed is an easy way to do that.

If you have no idea what an RSS feed is, Anna at ABDPBT has a good tutorial here.  Incidentally, you can also subscribe to Clue Wagon via RSS feed here.  If you’re old school, you can also subscribe via email. You just have to promise to still click through to the site to leave comments.

Note:  The first three sites mentioned above do include profanity.  If you’re going to slide under the desk at the sight of an f-bomb, they’re probably not a good fit for you.

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