Meet the Penthouse Guy

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A long, long time ago, I was an administrative assistant.  I worked my way through college that way.  Part of my job was to cover the front desk from time to time.  It was especially interesting when we had candidates coming in, because I got a chance to check them out.

So this one guy comes in for his interview for a blue collar position.  He was wearing a three-piece suit and carrying a big briefcase, and he looked nervous.  Really nervous.  Like, hands-shaking nervous.  I felt kind of bad for him.

So I told the hiring manager he was here, and then told him to have a seat.  He did, and he started to open up his briefcase to get something out.  Just then, the hiring manager walked in.  He jumped up when he saw her, and in doing so, he knocked over his briefcase, and the contents spilled out.

The contents were as follows:

  1. A pen
  2. A folder with resumes in it
  3. A copy of Penthouse magazine

We all froze for about five seconds.  You could have heard a pin drop.

Then the guy grabbed his briefcase and ran out the door.  He didn’t even stop to pick up the pen, the resumes, or the Penthouse.  We never heard from him again.

So here’s today’s job hunting clue:  don’t bring porn to the interview.

Tales of the Cluefree appear pretty much every Friday.  Past stories are here.

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