Meet the Psychic

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I had this candidate who had applied for a call center job.

In her cover letter, she pointed out that she had worked for the Psychic Friends Network (remember them?).  She felt that this experience made her qualified for the call center position.  That actually seemed like a reasonable argument to me, so I set up a phone interview.

It turned out that she wasn’t a fit.  I sent her the standard rejection letter a day or two later, saying that we’d filled the position with someone else.

She called me when she got it, and left a rambling voice mail message in which she told me she’d had a psychic vision that the person we hired was bad news.  She said she saw black auras (or something like that), and that we shouldbe wary.  I didn’t respond…because really, what do you say to something like that?

A few days later, I got another long rambling voice mail message.  This one told me that she’d had another vision, which told her that we sucked and she didn’t want to work for us anyway because we ALL had black auras.

Actually, now that I think about it, that dude we hired was kind of a freak, and it did kind of suck to work there.  Maybe she was psychic after all.

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