Meet the Queen of the Receptionists

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When I was doing a lot of recruiting, people used to ask me which job was the hardest to fill.

Receptionist.  No question.

Without a doubt, there are some great receptionists out there.  If you have one, you should pay that person a boatload of money and send flowers every day, because he/she is a rare jewel.  In my experience, there is something about that job that either makes people a little nuts or just attracts the nuts.

One of my favorites was a candidate who referred to herself in the third person throughout the interview.  I’d say, “What sort of phone system did you use at XYZ company?” and she’d answer, “Jane used a Siemens 123 switchboard.”  It was weird.

After a few rounds of this, I said, “Why do you refer to yourself in the third person?”

She said, “What do you mean, third person?”

I said, “You know, saying “Jane” instead of “I.”

She said, “Because Jane is a queen.  You need to know if you hire me that Jane is a queen, and Jane deserves to be treated like a queen.  Jane will not tolerate people telling me what to do or being rude to me or bossing me around.  A queen deserves better.  My therapist told me that.  He said to remind everyone that Jane is a queen who deserves better.”

So yeah.  No hire.  Although in fairness, receptionists DO get treated like crap sometimes, so I can see where she was coming from.

Incidentally, the person we hired instead turned out to be a queen too—specifically, a drama queen.  She did all kinds of attention-seeking things.  My favorites was the week she ate baby food out of a jar every two hours at the reception desk (in front of customers).  We should have stuck with Queen Jane.

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