World’s Biggest Weenie or World’s Smartest Job Seeker?

2632651360_d4aa4ee70fPhoto by Mike Johnson —

Unemploymentality has a story today about this guy who really, really wanted this one job.

Apparently he wanted it so badly that he decided to run an ad for a similar job, so that the same people would apply to his bogus ad as the real one.  This was his way of finding out who his competition is, and what was on their resumes.  He asked for salary requirements too.

Once he’d received and reviewed all of the submissions from these candidates, he applied for the job he wanted.

It worked.  He got the job.

Does the ends justify the means?  Is all fair in love, war, and job hunting now?

If you were the employer, and you found out he’d done this, what would you do?

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