7 Reasons There’s No Real Blog Post Here Today

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  1. We just got back from vacation.
  2. I’ve got two little kids here who spent four days having nonstop fun with both parents, and apparently thought that was actually the start of our New Life of Constant Fun.  Imagine their surprise to learn that we had to come home to our regular old life.
  3. Four days of nonstop fun makes a lot of freakin’ laundry.  Especially when the fun included visits to two different farms and a behind-the-scenes tour of the pigpen (thanks to the amazing people at Plum Loco Animal Farm, which is absolutely the BEST place to take little kids in Door County, Wisconsin…we could have spent the entire vacation there and saved a lot of money).
  4. I have to deflate two sets of floaties, two beach balls, an inflatable car, an inflatable flying saucer, and giant inflatable fish.
  5. I have to get an astonishing quantity of sand out of two sets of small running shoes. I’m guessing the best way to do that is to just vacuum it out, right?
  6. I have to go through 495 photos, remove the red-eye from the ones that aren’t just a blur of moving child, and then order prints.
  7. There are 1,013 unread emails, thousands of unread tweets, and 768 unread Google Reader items.  Sometimes I like the internet, and other times it’s kind of a pain in the ass.

Come back on Wednesday—I should have something to say about job hunting by then.  In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be deflating things.

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