F-Bombs in Job Postings: Tacky or Cool?

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Ever since I set up my nifty RSS feed of Craigslist stuff, I get to see all the good stuff that shows up in my local Craigslist job postings—even the postings that get flagged for removal right away.  Every scam, every ad for porn actors…I see it all.  It’s very entertaining.

So there I was, wading through all those ho-hum scam postings, when I came upon the following:

Can you defeat a yeti in hand to hand combat? (Bristol Renaissance Faire)

If so, you should skip this ad and find a more glamorous, exciting job.


This summer, the Bristol Renaissance Faire Safety and Security team is hiring. Stop. If you’re about to click the back button because you’re not a burly Army Ranger with a black belt and rippling abs, you might be just the sort of person we’re looking for. This isn’t a standard security job, and we’re not looking for standard security types. You won’t be a bouncer or anything like that – you handle the issues you’re comfortable with, and call for backup if a situation looks like it might escalate beyond the level of customer service.

If you’re friendly, hard-working, alert, 21 or older, and you enjoy working with the public, problem solving, thinking on your feet, and working outdoors, then you need to email me now. You’ll also get bonus points for being able to commit to the entire season (weekends, July 11 through Labor Day), being FUN, familiarity with the faire site, Jedi powers (light side preferred, but if you can force-choke a motherfucker, that’s awesome), being good with kids, and previous medical, security, law enforcement or military experience.

Join us! You’ll be amazed at how cool it is to go to work because you want to, and then have a paycheck as a bonus.

A few minutes later, the post had been flagged as inappropriate and been removed.  It’s been re-posted, re-flagged, and re-removed at least a couple of times since then.  This is a real, well-known employer here in the summer, so it’s definitely not a scam or anything like that.  I’m pretty sure it’s a real job.  I think it’s the tone and the profanity that’s causing someone to flag it (well, and the fact that there’s someone in Milwaukee who flags just about every posting in certain categories on Craigslist, and then posts angry rebuttals to each ad.  It’s wacky.)

Now, personally, I like funky ads.  I wouldn’t use an f-bomb in an job posting, but overall, I like ads that tell me the employer has a sense of humor.  As a candidate, I’d be attracted to one like this, because I think it’s unlikely that they’re a stuffy group.  I hate stuffy, so that’s a plus for me.

On the other hand, I sent this to a friend the day it appeared, and she was appalled.  She thought the whole thing was unprofessional (even aside from the profanity).  She said she would never apply to a job with a posting like this.

So I’m curious.  Are you more attracted to ads that are professional and serious, with complete job descriptions and lists of requirements?  Or are you drawn to the funky ones?  Do you think this ad is offensive (even without the f-bomb)?

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