Meet the Evil Donut Guy

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Thank goodness for Laurie at Punk Rock HR, and her post on National Donut Day, because it reminded me of an incident I’d totally forgotten.

We had a candidate scheduled to come in first thing in the morning. The guys shows up, and he’s got a box of donuts. Nice touch, right? These weren’t cheap donuts either…they were the jelly-filled kind, from a fancy well-known bakery.

I was interviewing with two other managers, and they both devoured the donuts. I’m not crazy about donuts, so I didn’t touch them.

The interview went well. The candidate was a little strange, but very qualified. We all thanked the him for the treat. He went home.

A few hours later, the other two interviewers got sick. Very sick. Like, bathroom-every-20-minutes sick. No one else in the office was sick—just them.

They swore it had to be the donuts. They thought the guy poisoned them by injecting something in the jelly filling (they were both the conspiracy theory type to begin with). They called the bakery, and were told that no one else had gotten sick. Only them.

I still have my doubts as to whether the dude was really guilty of intentionally poisoning the people who interviewed him…but those guys were totally convinced, and he didn’t get the job. He’s the only candidate I’ve ever rejected because of donuts.

That’s why I stick to ice cream.

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