Meet the One Who’s, Like, Not a People Person


Overheard at a fast-food place recently:

Manager: Tell me why you want this position.

Kid: Because my mom, like, says I have to, like, get, like, a job this summer.  So, like, whatever.

Manager: Umm, okay.  What made you apply here?

Kid: Well, like, you have a lot of cute girls working here [laughs in a Beavis-esque manner] and, like, I heard the pay is good.

Manager: I see.  Is there anything that you think you might not like about working here?

Kid: Well, yeah, sometimes customers are, y’know, dicks.  So I wouldn’t want to work with the customers.  I just want to, like, scoop the custard and stuff.  But no customers, because I am, like, not a people person, y’know?

True story.  The manager spent another 10 minutes earnestly interviewing him too.

DISCLAIMER: This took place at a frozen custard place, but not the one in the photo (we have a lot of frozen custard places here in Wisconsin, because we are America’s Dairyland and whatnot).  The one in the photo is a place we visited up north in Fish Creek, Wisconsin that has very friendly employees who don’t laugh anything like Beavis.  They also make a kick-ass sundae with chocolate custard, Oreo cookies, and MARSHMALLOW SAUCE.  It will blow your mind.  One of the things that’s wrong with society today is that there is not enough marshmallow sauce.  I am hoping it will make a comeback, like red velvet cake and chocolate Malt-o-Meal.  So, employees of Not Licked Yet:  I salute you for your efforts.

Tales of the Cluefree appear pretty much every Friday, although usually without the part about dessert.  Past stories are here.

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