Meet the Playmate

416662906_34a2e68256Photo by oskay

Once there was a candidate who listed “appeared in Playboy pictoral spread” on her resume.

She wasn’t even remotely qualified for the job, but the hiring manager saw this and insisted on bringing her in to get a look at her.

Boy was he surprised.  She was at least 50, about 5’8″ and weighed about 275 lbs.  He interviewed her for, oh, about 10 minutes, and then sent her home.

Clue:  Some hiring managers are weenies, and you are more likely to meet one of these weenies if you list your Playboy pictoral spread experience on a resume for a job in accounting.

Don’t list stuff on your resume that isn’t relevant.

Tales of the Cluefree appear pretty much every Friday.  Past stories are here.

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