Meet the Thriller

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I had forgotten about this one until yesterday’s news about Michael Jackson.

So this candidate is applying for a sales manager position.  Instead of sending a resume, he sends a one-line email that says, “Here’s a link to my resume.”  (Clue:  That’s really annoying.  Don’t do that.)

The link went to his AOL Hometown homepage.  As soon as you hit the page, “Thriller” started playing, and there was a little animated dude moonwalking at the top.  Then, next to an animated white sparkly waving glove, there was a blurb about how he’d “thrill” us with his fantastic sales ability.  It was right above the blurb that talked about his “thrilling” skills in web design (in fairness, this was in 2001 or so…but still).

Oh, and on another page, there was a picture of him in that red leather jacket Michael Jackson wore back in the Thriller days.  It didn’t look as good on a balding white dude.

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