This is Why You Need to Google Potential Employers

2327144333_fa7c283404Photo by colinjackson1972 recently ran a story about a company that’s going after a former employee in a big way.  They got a temporary restraining order against her so that she can’t steal clients.

The really wacky part, though, is that they sent out a press release about it.  They named the former employee and everything.  The press release doesn’t actually say that she did anything wrong, but everyone who ever Googles her is going to see this and draw their own conclusions.

I’m totally down with protecting your trade secrets and keeping your clients…but I wouldn’t want to work for somebody THIS vindictive.  I think sending out a press release is a little over the top.

I’d want to know a company operated this way before I took a job there.  That’s why I Google potential employers, and check every result.  The clues are often out there if you look for them.

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