Meet the One Who Puts Out Fires. On the Moon.


My list of cluefree candidates (the ones I remember, anyway) has been dwindling lately.

See, it’s hard just sit down and conjure up of all of the crazy ones when you’ve interviewed so many.  You have to wait for something to trigger a memory.  Like, for example, someone on Twitter complained about a rejection letter they got, and I remembered the blow it out your ass guy.  So I added that to the list.  Then someone emailed me about whether they could wear something sleeveless to an interview, and I remembered the one with the naked boob. So then I added that one too.  But lately, nothing has triggered a memory.  I guess this means the ice-cream-and-Diet-Coke therapy is working.

So this week I put a message out to my HR friends asking for some of theirs. They delivered. Because they rock. So watch for those over the next few weeks.

Here’s my favorite so far:

Dude applies for a job.

On the application, he lists his previous experience: “Firefighter on the Moon.”

Reason for leaving: “All the fires were out.”

Tales of the Cluefree appear pretty much every Friday.  Past stories are here.

Photo by Erik Charlton

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