Meet the One Whose Children I Starved


Once upon an time, there was an employee named Marci.*

Marci quit shortly before I joined the company.  Then, a year or so later, she decided she wanted to come back.

In fact, she wanted to come back so badly that she applied, and applied, and applied.  She called our recruiters dozens of times a day, and when she got them to pick up the phone, she was abusive.  She showed up in person a number of times and abused the receptionist too.  She was gem, that Marci.

Eventually she started calling me too.  She wanted to know what was in her old personnel file that made us not want to hire her.  I told her I hadn’t bothered to pull her old personnel file, because her behavior as an applicant told us she wasn’t a fit.  Then she started sending lengthy letters, telling me that I was starving her children and making various accusations and threatening to sue.  I’ve had aggressive candidates before, but I’d never had an ex-employee who wanted to come back so badly.

After the third or fourth letter, I happened to be sitting next to her old manager in a meeting.  I said, “Do you remember this Marci chick?  What was the deal with her?”

Turns out she’d been as charming as an employee as she was as a candidate.  The highlight was when she’d been caught with her boyfriend in a very public area at work.  Guess what they got caught doing?

Clue:  Don’t be a jerk applicant, and especially don’t be a jerk applicant when you’re trying to go back to the job where you got caught swapping bodily fluids with your boyfriend.  No one wants to see you again after that.

Tales of the Cluefree appear pretty much every Friday. Past stories are here.

*No, that’s not her real name.  Sheesh.

Photo by Cirofono

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