Angry Candidates of the World, Unite!


This week Laurie Ruettimann from PunkRockHR spoke at mediabistro.  She was supposed to talk about work/life balance, but apparently so many of the attendees were out of work that it turned into a discussion about job hunting.  One of the things she said she learned was that when people don’t hear back from a company after submitting a resume, they blame HR.

Then Alison Green from Ask a Manager had a post about how it annoys her (and everyone else) when companies don’t get back to candidates after interviews.  In fact, she’s looking for a programmer to make her Ask a Manager You-Suck-As-An-Interviewer Automatic Letter Generator dream a reality.  I’m pretty sure she’s serious too.  Soon, pissed off candidates whose interviewers have stopped returning their calls will have an outlet for their frustration. (UPDATE: It’s here. I have no idea how it got done that quickly. Make sure you read the section marked “Important” on the right before you use it.)

So apparently, this whole thing about unresponsive companies is the topic of the week, and I’m curious.  Do you expect a response to every resume you submit?  Is an auto-reply okay, or are you looking for some sort of personal one-on-one response to every submission?  What are your expectations after an interview?  If you interview for a job, and you never hear from them again…do you blame HR, the hiring manager, or both?

What are your expectations when it comes to communication throughout the hiring process?

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