In Which I Get All Sappy


You know what’s cool?

When I started this blog, one of my biggest fears was running out of topics.  I mean, how much can you say about job hunting?  It’s not rocket science, and sometimes it’s kind of depressing.

But now that I’ve been at it for eight months, I have all these cool readers who send me questions and links to obscure articles they read.  Lately, most of my post topics come from you.  That’s cool.  I like knowing what you’re wondering about, because I’m not all that good at guessing.

So, keep ’em coming, and thanks for reading.  In spite of the fact that it takes me a week to respond to some of my emails, I really do appreciate you.  The reason I get out of bed at 5am to write these posts is because my readers are so cool that it’s totally worth it.

I’d hug you, but I’m not really a hugger.  So I’m raising my 5am Diet Coke to you instead.

Photo by nickyfern

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