Meet the One Who’s Getting a Degree in HR Skankery


This is one from one of my HR friends.

This candidate comes to an interview for a part-time teller job with a bank.  She’s wearing a micro-mini skirt, a halter top, and 4-inch spike heels, because apparently she’s classy like that.

As part of the interview my friend explains that, this being a bank and all, they have a pretty conservative dress code.

The candidate tells her that she felt the bank should be more flexible.   She says they need to lighten up on the dress code because that’s what her professor says that “today’s” organizations are doing.

Oh, and she was studying to get a degree in HR.  She’s probably done by now, so if your next interview is conducted by someone who looks like a backup dancer in one of those eighties hair band videos, say hello for me.

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Photo by Picklepud

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