Programming Note: No Clues on Friday

I have this web host that sucks.  I’ve put off switching because it’s a huge pain, and because I very rarely get big blocks of time to do stuff like that, and because I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing.  Anna at ABDPBT helped out with that last part by doing a post just for me on her awesome blog about how to start and run a blog.  She’s full service like that.  My husband is also taking tomorrow afternoon off to corral the kids.  He’s full service too.

So if all goes well, I’m going to start this after lunch (central time) on Friday.  This site will be down for some period of time.  Cross your fingers that the period of time is short.  Just in case, I checked the Kopp’s Flavor Forecast (yes, people in the other 49 states, that’s how we roll here in Wisconsin…we check the Kopp’s Flavor Forecast before doing stuff).  Friday’s flavors aren’t that good, but if this goes into Saturday, there’s Grasshopper Fudge.  If it goes all the way to Sunday, there’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Kupps.  Those are good flavors.  My full-service husband also made sure that we have an ample supply of Diet Coke.  I think I’m ready.

SATURDAY NIGHT UPDATE: It’s done.  It only took two scoops of Grasshopper Fudge frozen custard, seven cans of Diet Coke (over two days…but still), an order of Chocolate Souffle Cake from California Pizza Kitchen, and a brief episode in which I thought I had taught one of my kids a very naughty word.  Thankfully, the sound of his loud Tonka fire truck covered me.  The people at LiquidWeb are 742 times more fabulous than expected (and I had high expectations).

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