Meet the One Who Smacked the Recruiter


This one is from a colleague.  I almost didn’t believe it, but was from someone I trust, and I’ve seen people do stuff this crazy.

You know how career advice articles are always telling you to get noticed?

Well, this corporate recruiter friend of mine was at a job fair.  The candidate comes up and talks to him for a bit about the job, and gives him a resume…normal stuff.

Then, at the end, the candidate says, “How will you remember me?”

The recruiter says, “Umm, what?”

The candidate says, “There are a lot of people here.  How are you going to remember me?”

The recruiter says, “Uhh…”

And the candidate smacks him in the forehead with the flat of his hand.

Then he says, “See?  Now you’ll remember me.”  And he walks away.

Memorable, no?

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Photo by anonymous9000

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