Sunday Extra: See Rick Run


The first year we were married, I bought my husband a book.

He had been running a few miles a day for a while.  On Sundays, he’d do his “long run, ” which was about five miles.  The first year we were married, I bought him a book on how to train for your first marathon.  He thanked me, and then he put the book on a shelf.

A year or so later, we were arguing about something-or-other, and I was telling him he hadn’t done this or he should do that or whatever it was, and I said, “And also, you never like the gifts I give you.  I got you that book about how to run your first marathon, and you just put it right on the shelf.  You never even looked at it.”

So he looked at the book that night.

And many times since then, I have regretted opening my big mouth.  This mostly happens on weekdays, when his alarm clock goes off at 5am.

He ended up reading that book and running his first marathon.  And now he’s run 23 marathons and eight ultra-marathons.  He has a more than full-time job supporting a family of four, and we have two small children who he spends lots of time with, and he also does a lot of other stuff around the house (like painting, which I suck at, and which he can do perfectly without ever needing that tape that keeps you from having sloppy lines).  When you do all that and STILL run marathons, you have to do crazy stuff, like getting up at 5am to run every day, year round, even when it’s -10 degrees outside.  In Wisconsin, it’s -10 degrees in the morning a lot.  No matter what, he gets it all done.  He’s dedicated like that.

He’s always been fast.  He’s always been a good runner.  But today, he did something he’s been working on for seven years:  he qualified to run the Boston Marathon.  He’s been working toward that goal for seven years, and today he made it.

This obviously has nothing to do with job hunting, but since it’s my blog I can do whatever I want, and today I want to say:

Rick, I’m really proud of you.

And also, as soon as you’re rested up, I’d like you to paint the bathroom.

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