Want To See Your Resume In A New Light?

Want To See Your Resume In A New Light?

by Kerry Scott on 14 October 2009


This post originally appeared on April 15, 2009.

Here’s some cheap entertainment:

  1. Go to wordle.net.
  2. Copy-and-paste your text resume.
  3. See how it looks. Do you see a lot of action verbs? Do you reuse the same ones over and over? Is it too heavy on the buzzwords and acronyms?

It’s an interesting way to look at your resume and see whether you’re using the sort of language that best communicates your skills and experience. Plus, it’s kinda fun.

I wish I’d saved some of the corporate memos I’ve received over the years. You can tell a lot about a company’s culture by looking at its favorite buzzwords. If “leverage” or “synergy” are the biggest words in their word cloud, RUN.

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Steph McDonald October 14, 2009 at 10:27 am

It’s also interesting to make sure that the big words are your real skills! I did this for a friend in marketing, and the work marketing was tiny, and responsible was huge. Being responsible is important, but we reworked her resume so that the true keywords that a recruiter would search on were all there.

Great post! I have mine hanging behind me all the time.

Charlie Judy October 14, 2009 at 1:08 pm

love wordle..use it in the workplace all the time. we use it on our company blog (employee only) to highlight hot topics every week. haven’t thought of using it for my own resume, though. damn good idea. thx
.-= Charlie Judy´s last blog ..If you love someone… =-.

mouse October 14, 2009 at 1:51 pm

If I’m ever a hiring manager I’m doing that just for amusement.

Lorraine October 15, 2009 at 12:32 pm

Very cool and an excellent tool to give your resume a quick review. Also you can right-click on certain words to delete them and emphasize others.
.-= Lorraine´s last blog ..Is Your Resume Responsible? =-.

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