Meet the One Who Fled


This one comes from a colleague:

I had an applicant come to her interview and begin filling out paperwork.  At some point during that process, I guess she decided that she didn’t want to interview with us anymore. She told our receptionist that she needed to use the restroom, and he told her where it was and she walked out.  Now, you have to understand a little about our office set-up. We occupy 1/2 of a floor in a multi-story office building that has offices around the outside of the building and the elevator shafts right in the middle, and the floor shares bathrooms rather than each business having their own. So from our reception area, you can clearly see the elevators through our glass doors.

After about 15 minutes of waiting for her after she left for the bathroom, I asked our receptionist about it, but he had no clue.  I made my way to the bathroom, and there was no one there.  I went back into the office, and about one minute after walking back in, the applicant calls us.  She told us that she went to the restroom and accidentally walked into the staircase mistakenly.  I went and let her back in.

She AGAIN pretended to go to the bathroom, but somehow made it out of our building.

I think that she got in the staircase—not wanting to stand and wait for an elevator since we could see her—and then realized that the stairs are locked from the inside (unlocks during a fire and the lobby is open, but she obviously didn’t make it that far).

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Photo by miyukiutada

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