Meet the One With the Purple Glitter Pen


A colleague describes her favorite applicant of all time.  This candidate:

  • Filled out the application in purple glitter pen
  • Spelled her own name wrong twice
  • Listed “pole dancing” as one of her special skills
  • Listed her high school information on the education page, along with “Got kicked out in 10th grade for fighting”
  • Drew a big X through Friday and Saturday on the “Availability” portion, with a note that said, “I don’t work weekends cuz I’m hung over”
  • Wrote “Worth a million dollars someday” next to her signature on the back

My colleague though it was a joke, until the applicant came in a couple of days later to check on the status of her application.  One of her fake nails popped off while she was drumming her fingers on the counter top and hit the assistant manager in the eye.

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Photo by brettneilson

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