One More Question to Ask the Interviewer


I didn’t really have a post written for today.

See, we’re supposed to be having this giant snowstorm today.  There was supposed to be, like, a foot of snow.  They’ve been hyping it for days on TV.  So somehow my brain heard, “Snow Day!”  This really makes no sense, since you can’t really have a snow day when you blog.  I mean, it doesn’t snow on the internet.  Apparently my brain does not understand the internet.  Either that or I’m just lazy.

So today I woke up, and there’s exactly one inch of snow slush outside my window.  One inch is less than a foot, so I’m pretty sure there’s not going to be a snow day here an Clue Wagon headquarters (although we’re expecting more later…but less than a foot.  More like 3-6 inches.  Further inland they’re getting way more than a foot, with blizzard conditions to boot…so mad props if you live north or west of Milwaukee.  I’m really close to Lake Michigan, so it’s still rain and not snow here.).

So I went through my Google Reader looking for inspiration.  Lo and behold, Alison Green at Ask a Manager has the best question EVER for when the interviewer says, “Do you have any questions for me?”  It’s perfect, because it sound smart when you ask it, and it also gives you great insight for what to talk about when you write your thank-you note.  Brilliant.  You should definitely add this to your list of questions to ask.

I’m off to make chocolate Malt-O-Meal with vanilla ice cream…because the missing 11 inches of snow is not going to screw me out of my delicious snow day breakfast treat.

Photo by midweekpost

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