Two Weeks Notice


I started this blog just about a year ago.  My one year anniversary will be on New Year’s Day.

So this seems like a perfect time to quit blogging, and that’s what I’ve decided to do.

Here’s why:

  1. I don’t have too much more to say. My overall philosophy around job hunting is this:  Don’t be an idiot.  Don’t be a jerk.  Use some common sense.  If you do those things, somebody will eventually hire you.
  2. It’s cold in Wisconsin. As I write this post, the windchill is well below zero here in Milwaukee.  That means I have to have the heat on, which means the gas and electric company is going to want me to pay them.  Blogging is paying me…well, not much.  If I stuck to it, I’d eventually (maybe) make more than that…but the gas and electric company does not care to wait that long. The opportunity cost of blogging is not insignificant, and I’m planning to spend at least a little bit of my blogging time making some actual dollars in 2010. One thing I’ve learned from blogging is that I really like to write, and that’s something I’d like to pursue going forward.
  3. I’m not in HR anymore. Things change, and the longer I’m out of the business of actively hiring people, the less relevant my advice is.  I firmly believe that the best job-hunting advice comes from people who are actively hiring right now. Those are the people you should be listening to, and I’m no longer one of those people.

This blog and the posts will remain up for at least a little while (the hosting bill is paid through January, I think).  After that, I haven’t decided what to do with the domain just yet.  I might sell it, or I might keep it and use it for something entirely different of my own…but it won’t be about job hunting anymore.

This hasn’t been an easy decision.  I’ve met some amazing people through this blog—fellow bloggers and readers alike.  I’ll miss all of you.  This has been a great year.

So the last post will be two weeks from today.  I’m keeping the regular posting schedule until then (except for Christmas Day, because I’m taking that day off, because Santa is bringing some pretty kick-ass toys to my kids and I want to see if the Tonka garbage truck picks up the trash at the Barbie Dream Mansion).

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