This Might Actually Be Better Than Ice Cream

Friends, by reading this genealogy blog, you are increasing your coolness immeasurably.

See, genealogy is hot.  White hot.  Like, melt-your-keyboard hot.  Why else would The New Yorker have run this article about how Americans are “mad about genealogy?”  They wouldn’t.  The New Yorker doesn’t lie.  Everyone knows that.

But that’s not all.  See, remember that show Sex in the City?  Remember how everyone started wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes and drinking really expensive drinks, because they made it seem cool?  Well, the star of that show, Sarah Jessica Parker, is about to do the same thing for family history.  She’s one of the first celebrities featured in Who Do You Think You Are, which premieres tonight on NBC.  They have other celebrities too, like Lisa Kudrow and Emmitt Smith.

Yeah, I know we’re all mad at NBC about Conan or Leno or something like that (I wouldn’t know, because I go to bed at 9:30).  But seriously, you HAVE to watch this.  The genealogical world has been on fire about this for months, and tonight’s the night.  It’s going to be awesome, and it’s (supposedly) going to do for genealogy what Roots did in the 1970s.  And then you can tell all your friends that you were totally on the cutting edge of this trend, because you hang out here at Clue Wagon.  See how I lead you right to the coolness?  You’re welcome.

(Seriously, you have to watch this show.  Because you know who else they’re going to have?  Matthew Broderick. As in Ferris Bueller.  Swoon. Can you imagine?  Ferris Bueller and genealogy AT THE SAME TIME.  If I can watch it while eating some ice cream, my head my actually explode from the overabundance of awesomeness.)

Who Do You Think You Are.  It’s on tonight at 8pm eastern/7pm central.  Be there.  Otherwise you suck.

Disclaimer: NBC didn’t pay me a dime for promoting this.  Weenies.  Also, I’m kind of mad at them because 30 Rock wasn’t on last night.  But then I forgave them, because of Ferris Bueller.

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

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