Got Missing Californian Couples? Try Vegas.

Lately I’ve had a string of 20th century Californians I’ve been working on (even though I’m supposed to be cleaning up my files and not doing research.  I’m undisciplined.  So sue me.).

Ancestry has a California marriage index for 1960-1985, which (theoretically) should have included nearly all of the people I was working on.  I couldn’t find them, and I couldn’t figure out why.  Sure, people get missed, names get entered wrong, things happen…but I had five missing couples, out of six I was seeking.  That’s a lot of missed people.

Then I remembered that when I lived in Southern California, a lot of my friends went to Vegas to get married.  Could these people be in Nevada?

Yep.  They were.  The Southern Californians got married in Las Vegas, and the Northern Californians got married in Reno.  I found all five couples in the Nevada Marriage Index 1956-2005.

Try it, and see if your missing Californians don’t turn up there.

Photo by Mike Fleming

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