Were There Awesome Female Athletes in the 1930s? You Betcha.

From left to right: Regina Laudoff, Elsie Baumgartner, Mildred Meyer, Cecilia Goeser, Marian Mertens, Evelyn Mertens, Ann Wagner, William Laudoff, and Joseph Goeser. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

From the Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin), Sunday 19 April 1931, page 9, column 5:


Country Team Trims All Comers in Fox Valley

It has taken six farmers’ daughters and one village girl to show the feminine volley ball teams of the Fox River valley just how volley ball should be played.

The Brothertown Bluebirds were organized some time ago to play volley ball.   The recruits for the team were all but one living on farms within the vicinity of Brothertown, Wis.  Cecilia Goeser lived in the village.

They played 21 games this season against teams in larger cities and they worsted the best teams in the river valley in every game but one.  They met the girls’ team of Fond du Lac and wend down to hard fought defeat on that occasion.

At the end of the season the Fond du Lac team and the little band of girls from the country met again, and the only team to have made the Bluebirds take defeat was defeated itself by that last spurt of energy and pluck which makes champions.

Four of the girls on the champion team have never played before this year.  The maximum number of years that any girl has played on the team is two years.

Members are Regina Laudoff, Cecilia Goeser, forwards; Elsie Baumgartner, Mildred Meyer, Marian Mertens, and Ann Wagner, guards; Evelyn Mertens, center; and the managers and coaches of the team are William Laudoff and Joseph Goeser.

Cecilia Goeser was my husband’s paternal grandmother. I believe Joseph Goeser was her brother. I found the photo in an old file, and pulled up the original newspaper article this morning on NewspaperArchive.com. I can’t wait to show it to my daughter when she gets home from school. Rock on, Brothertown Bluebirds of 1931.

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