Happy Birthday. Here’s a Map of Your Digestive System.

My husband turned 40 today.  I took my 4-year-old to the dollar store so should could pick out and pay for gifts all by herself.  She chose:

  • A Hot-Wheels freezer pack (“for boo-boos, bumps and bruises,” says the package)
  • A laminated map of the human digestive system
  • A plastic pot of pink polyester flowers
  • Some gag glasses (you know, the kind with the plastic nose attached)
  • A tub of tutti-fruitti gumdrops shaped like “Os,” because “Daddy likes the letter O” (a fun fact about Daddy I’d never heard before)

She also picked out his card. It’s a Bar Mitzvah card.  She can’t read yet, so she doesn’t know that, and she chose it because it had a picture of a guy dancing under a disco ball. She said “That’s Daddy dancing.”  Daddy doesn’t dance.  We had our wedding reception on a dinner cruise boat to ensure there would be no dancing required.

Sometimes family history is what’s happening right here, right in front of you.

Photo by Mykl Roventine

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