I Think I Might Need a Kindle. Please Talk Me Out of This.

Because I like to keep up with the Joneses (or whoever the blogosphere equivalent of the Joneses might be), this blog is now available on Kindle.  That means you can pay a small subscription fee and get my scintillating posts (and all of my other posts too) delivered directly to your Kindle.  I’m not actually convinced anyone is reading blogs on a Kindle, but if you are, go here.  Otherwise you can just keep reading this on your computer for free.

The process of setting all of this up has had an unfortunate side effect:  I want a Kindle now.  This is awkward, because I’ve been rolling my eyes when anyone mentioned them since they came out.  I’ve poo-pooed the idea of giving up books for an electronic device.  I love books.  I’ve always loved them.  I love their paper-ness and their weight and their pages that you have to turn manually.  How could I cheat on books?  And do I need another electronic device?

And yet…I want it.  I found out that you can put all your PDFs on your Kindle.  That would be awesome for me, because I have lots of PDFs.  I could take the manual for my new camera with me on vacation, which is good, because I don’t know how to use it (and did you know they’re not even printing the manuals for stuff anymore?  All I got was a PDF.  Harumph.).  Then I found out that Evidence Explained, which is the one book you cannot live without if you do genealogical research, is also available as a PDF.  I use it constantly, and it’s too heavy to take with me when I do research.  Then I remembered that we have a vacation coming up, and it would be nice not to have to lug my books along with the luggage, the portable toddler bed, the actual toddler, the pool toys, the regular toys, etc.  Then I found out you can check email on a Kindle (can anyone verify this?).

And now I want it.  Forgive me, books.

So tell me.  Do you have a Kindle?  Do you like it?  Do you use it as much as you thought you would?  Can you please tell me it sucks so I can go back to being judgmental of people who only read on little screens?

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