Do You Know How to Google? Maybe Not.

Last week I was talking with someone who wanted to search for something on my blog.  He was telling me that the search feature here sucks, and I said, “Yeah, but you can just google the site.”

He said, “What do you mean?”

So I explained.  I thought maybe he was just cluefree, but when I asked a couple of other people whether they knew this, they didn’t.  I guess it’s a secret.

So, here’s the secret:

If you want to search a site that either has a lousy search function or none at all, you can use Google.

  1. Go to the Google homepage.
  2. Type in site:[name of site] [keywords] For example, if you wanted to search for mentions of Glenbeulah on this site, you’d type in Glenbeulah.

Behold!  Google has search the site you specified.  This won’t work on a big database site like Ancestry, but it works on blogs and static pages just fine.

If you already knew this, you get a gold star.  If you didn’t, try it.  I almost never use a site’s native search box, because I prefer the consistent results of doing it this way.

Photo by dullhunk

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