1:28pm. Time to Stalk the Mailman.

I love this time of day.

My oldest kid is at school.  My youngest kid’s nap just started.  That means it’s time for me to check the mail.  Obsessively.  Every ten minutes.

See, genealogists still do stuff by snail mail.  Birth, marriage and death certificates all come in the mail (except in awesome states like Minnesota and Missouri, where you can get some records instantly online).  Your mail might be full of bills and stuff, but mine brings the promise of mysteries solved, six days a week.

And when I see that familiar self-addressed stamped envelope coming back to me…hooray!  It’s like Christmas morning.  What does the postmark say?  Which document is this?  Who’s in that envelope?  What will I find out?  Where will this new document take me?  I can hardly stand the suspense.

It’s one of my favorite things about genealogy.  I don’t even mind that my postal carrier thinks I’m a freak because all of my outgoing mail is addressed to places like “Springfield County Death Records.”  It’s worth it.

Photo by Leo Lau

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