It’s Like Google For Dead People

I’m not sure when this happened, but it seems like nearly every online newspaper I check lately, no matter how big or small, uses one site to host its obituaries:  This means that if you go to a newspaper’s website, find the obituary section, and search for a name, it’s probably that actually handles your search and spits out the results.  It’s almost like one-stop shopping for finding the recently-deceased.

This is good to know, because it turns out you can actually go directly to and search the entire United States (and Canada) for a particular person.  If you don’t know exactly when or where a person died, this is a great resource.  If you find an obit, you can either view it for free or pay a small fee ($2.95), depending on how old it is.  Most of these only go back into the early-to-mid 2000s (depending on the newspaper), but it’s still a handy tool.

Obituaries are a great resource if you’re looking to connect with descendants…and a lot of these modern ones even have pictures and online guest books you can view.  If you’re not using this site, check it out.

Note: I have no connection at all to  In fact, I’ve spent a fair amount of money with them recently.  Hopefully they’ll see this and offer me some free obituaries.  That’s how you know you’re a real genealogy geek:  when you’re shilling in hopes of free obits.

Photo by Tim Green

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