About This DNA Testing Thing…

That post I wrote yesterday on the 23andme sale on DNA testing (which has been extended through Christmas, by the way) got me going.  I had done that test about six months ago, but I didn’t spend much time on the site other than to read the health-related stuff.  It looks like they’ve made some changes to the Relative Finder feature, though, and the more I poke around, the more fascinated I am.  People with a far stronger grasp of DNA testing than I have are using this to establish connections to all sorts of relatives (and in some cases, they’re finding out that they’re not related to the people they thought they were).

So I’m curious.

Would you want to connect to distant cousins via DNA testing?

Would you be offended if someone were listed as, say, a second or third or fourth cousin…but didn’t want to connect with you?  (Because the forums on 23andMe are full of people who are offended by that, which boggles me).

Would you want to try and find a connection with someone who was a very distant cousin (say, further out than a 5th cousin)?  How much time would you spend trying to track down the connection if it wasn’t immediately apparent?

Have you used a service like this?  Any success stories?  Surprises?  Cautionary tales?  If you actually know what you’re doing, what sort of resources would you recommend for those of us who are cluefree as to how all of this works?

I haven’t done much with my results (for a variety of reasons), but I’m curious as to how other genealogists are using these tools.

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