I’m on a case right now.  It’s taking over my brain.  I’m pretty much a zombie.

This case is fascinating.  There are twists and turns, and I’m not sure who the father of the baby is, and just now I became unsure who the mother of the baby was.  There’s scandal, and intrigue, and tragic young death, and Ziegfeld Follies, and old photos of young love, and real live people who want to know what really happened.

There are people who should be listed in the senior class of one high school…but aren’t.  There are people who have easy names that should be in the census index…but aren’t.  There are house-to-house searches of twelve enumeration districts in a large city, and birth records whose access is restricted, and burned records, and every other kind of dead-people-hiding trick you can think of.

And I’ve lost track of how many cans of pop I’ve had.  I think I ate breakfast, but I’m not sure (I might have just eaten chewable Lemonheads, which are disgusting, but we’re down to the dregs of the leftover trick-or-treat candy here at Clue Wagon headquarters).  I DO know that we had soup out of a box for dinner last night.  I’m willing my youngest kid to take an extra-long nap, and I skipped two pages of Green Eggs and Ham on purpose.  I’m unrepentant.  Because I’m a zombie, and I’m on a case.

And while people are cheering or moaning about election results all over the internet, I don’t have to deal with that.  I’m in another world.  My world has mysteries, hard ones, and I’m going to solve them.  I’m going to find that baby daddy.  I’m going to get those birth dates right.  I’m going to untangle these people and put them back together so that their people know who they are.

You people who ask me why I like genealogy so much?  This is why.  Because once I get going, I can completely leave 2010 and go someplace else entirely.  I can be so consumed that I forget everything that was bothering me.  I have this secret escape passage.

I am so lucky.

Photo by baekken

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