Cyber Monday Special: $99 DNA test at 23andMe (regularly $499)

Cyber Monday Special: $99 DNA test at 23andMe (regularly $499)

by Kerry Scott on 29 November 2010

This is a great deal:  23andMe is offering their $499 DNA testing kit for only $99 today (EDITED TO ADD:  They’ve extended the sale through Christmas Day).  This is the package I got a while back, and it’s really cool.  It has the Relative Finder thing where you can connect with people who are related, as well as the thing where it tells you all sorts of things about your predisposition to diseases, what kind of earwax you have, etc.  I wouldn’t necessarily pay $499 for this (because here at Clue Wagon Headquarters that’s a lot of dough), but I definitely got my $99 worth.  In fact, the part where it told me my maternal haplogroup (T1) was “Viking” was worth $99 all by itself.  Don’t mess with me, people.  I’m a Viking.

I have no connection to 23and me other than as a customer.  I just like their product.

EDITED TO ADD: Apparently this also requires a 1-year subscription to their news/update service at $5/month.  Still a deal, but kind of annoying.

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kristin November 29, 2010 at 10:45 am

I had no idea Vikings had their own haplo group. it must be wide spread ;-D


Kerry Scott November 29, 2010 at 3:17 pm

Not their own, but it’s apparently believed to have been introduced to Britain by the Vikings. Plus there’s a cool picture of a Viking ship on the page where it tells me about it. I like pictures of Viking ships. I’m a simple girl.


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