What’s The Story Behind This $8/Hour Genealogy Job?

I’m taking a break from my all-consuming project to gossip.

I have search alerts set up to email me when various types of jobs are posted.  This morning I opened up the following job listing from Indeed:

Part Time Genealogy Researchers – North Syracuse, NY

Genealogy Researchers needed to conduct online family genealogy research. Qualified candidates must be proficient in MS Office and experience researching family genealogy online. Ideally looking for someone with history degree/background or extensive researching experience specific to genealogy. Experience in conducting phone surveys a plus. Part time, long term temporary position. $8.00 per hour. This is NOT a telecommuting position.

This ad appears every so often (maybe every 6-8 weeks or so), and has since at least June 2009 (maybe longer, but that’s when I first noticed it).  The addition of the part about experience in conducting phone surveys is fairly new though.  The ad is posted by a temp agency, not the hiring entity.

I actually applied for this job when I first saw it, just to see what it was about.  I didn’t get far though since I’m in Milwaukee, not Syracuse (and they’ve since added the language about not telecommuting). I asked for details about the job, but I didn’t receive a reply.

The curiosity is killing me.  What IS this job?  What genealogy job could possibly include phone surveys, require a history degree, and pays less than a fast-food job?

Anyone have the scoop on this?

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