Hey, What’s That Pink Thing Up In The Sky?

193533029_00fb2d0717_zHey, remember that Family Tree Magazine contest a while back?  Remember how I said you should vote for me, even though I had the same odds of winning as that crazy dude in New York?

Well, umm, apparently some of you actually DID vote for me.  Because Clue Wagon is listed in the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs for 2011.  It’s not a hoax.  I checked.

So thank you.  Very much.  I’m really kind of blown away.  You’re the best readers ever.

And now I have all of these new readers, so I guess I should welcome them.  Welcome, new readers!  If I’d known you were coming I would have cleaned up and maybe bought some cheese and crackers or something.  Wait here for a bit while I try to think up a pithy post.  In the meantime, there’s a list of popular posts from 2010 here, and there’s also a more recent one where Elizabeth Shown Mills catches me talking smack in the comments about finding her face in a piece of toast.  I wish I could tell you I don’t say dumb stuff like that every day, but…well, no.  I do.  But the part where she gives the Ten Commandments of Sourcing is kind of awesome.

Oh, and confidential to my husband:  I’m sorry I said, “You are so full of crap” when you claimed to have voted for me a bazillion times.  I stand corrected.  I am totally going to buy you a Shamrock Shake for this.

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