How to Find Copies of Photos on the Internet

Wedding Gift PhotoHey, you know what’s handy?  This website called TinEye.

I found it the other day when I was looking for a way to determine whether someone’s blog profile picture was a real picture or a stock photo.  You upload a copy of the picture, and it looks on the internet for the same picture (and it worked perfectly for what I was using it for…which is a whole other story).

Then it dawned on me that I could use this to help find copies of unidentified photos in my own collection.  I tried uploading my photo of unknown young people from Albert Lea, Minnesota, and it found a copy of it right away (alas, the copy was the one I had posted on my own blog).  I experimented with a few other photos, and it works pretty well.

I also tried using it for the photo above, which is one that was apparently given to my great-grandparents as a wedding gift in 1913.  The photo says “Copyright 1904 James Arthur.”  I have no idea what the significance of it is.  Are these people actors?  Is that guy in the lace collar and tights the Brad Pitt of his day?  Who knows.  I did find that a copy of the same photo (in the same frame) recently sold on eBay, so somebody else must find it significant too.

Anyway, TinEye.  Check it out.  It’s handy for seeing if others have copies of  your pictures, which can be a huge clue as to the identities of the people in them.  Plus, it’s free.

DISCLAIMER:  I have no connection, financial or otherwise, to TinEye, Brad Pitt, or the lace collar industry.  Also, my blog profile picture is of my actual face.  I’m wacky like that.

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