Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Elevator Speech

4017403148_7aa96b016e_zRandy Seaver hosts this weekly meme called Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  It’s cool, but I never find out about it until Sunday morning, because I’m not on the computer Saturday nights.  I’d like to tell you that’s because I have a life, but I really don’t.  Last night we went to Noodles and Company and then watched Rocky and Bullwinkle until it was time to put the kids to bed.  Then I went to bed myself.  Glamorous!

Anyway, last night’s prompt was to tell everyone what your elevator speech is.  Randy got the idea from Tonia Kendrick, who is doing it as part of a larger project.  When I read it this morning, I had a shuddery flashback to my early days in corporate HR, when I wore pantsuits and took myself Very Very Seriously and thought that it mattered a great deal whether I could summarize my career-related fabulosity in the time it took to ride in an elevator with someone.  I was nearly done with that corporate career before it dawned on me that (a) I live in a small city that has few tall buildings (and therefore few long elevator rides), (b) nobody in an elevator wants to hear about my fabulosity, (c) I’m not crazy about talking to strangers, and (d) I usually take the stairs anyway.

So nowadays I have a different elevator speech.  This is it:

I used to be a corporate HR executive.  Then I realized I like dead people better.  Now I’m a genealogist.

See, it’s short enough for a Milwaukee-sized elevator ride.  It’s true.  It’s snarky.  And if they’re stuffy humorless types I wouldn’t want to talk to anyway, it shuts ’em right up, and I can ride the rest of the way in peace.  That’s a home run in my book.

Photo by Steve Snodgrass

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